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Improve the speed and efficiency, provoke dialogue for alignment and consider key decision points as you prepare for your next project. Download this free cleanroom design guide today.

Published by George Wiker, a leader and pioneer in process architecture with invaluable experience in the life science space, this guide will better position you for your next cleanroom project.

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Take advantage of our experience in this Guide to Good Design Practices for Gene Therapy Clean Spaces.

✅ Arrangement ideas for zoning process functions

✅ Checklist for alignment of goals and objectives

✅ Compliance aspects and biosafety level considerations

✅ Detailed HVAC zoning, classifications and airflow

George Process Architecture

We thought it would be helpful to share our experiences with all of you, to educate you of what we have learned, so you can use these ideas as you consider the development of a future gene therapy clean space facility.

This guide shares considerations for building a cGMP gene therapy facility. Some of these ideas will provoke some good dialogue, all intended for us to harmonize our philosophies, ideas and approach to developing these clean spaces.